Handling depression seems like an oxymoron, isn’t it out of your control?

*I am not a professional please seek appropriate care if you are in need of help*

Yes and no. As someone who has battled depression for the majority of my life, I can honestly say that there are times that you can handle it and times that you cannot. …

As my favorite spirituality leader says, “When you think you’ve surrendered, surrender more,” -Gabby Bernstein.

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In my spiritual journey, I have come across many different ideologies. Some people say it’s religion, for other’s its spirituality

In my opinion, you can’t be religious without being spiritual. But you can be spiritual…

As a self-published author, I can now tell you how to publish a book the easier way!

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Disclosure: This post may or may not be sponsored or contain an affiliate link. If you click through a link and make a purchase, it may or may not earn me a small…

Can it help you live more purposefully?

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Did you know the key to reducing stress is as easy as breathing? Diaphragmatic breathing, that is.

I am not a health professional!

But I am a lifetime learner.

As I have gotten further down the self-help rabbit hole I have found more neat tricks for reducing stress that I…

Learning how to meditate properly can help improve your life in ways you may not even realize!

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I remember being little and not being able to sleep. For years I had trouble settling my brain until sleep dragged me under. One night, in particular, stands out.

I must have been 10 or so and I probably had gotten up for the eighth time to go get a…

La-la-la-la-la, I got no self-esteem. You’re not singing the song, are you? Awkward.

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Self-esteem, what is it? I guess you could call it an extension of courage, confidence, self-awareness. But if you’re struggling with self-esteem, it’s probably because you need more of it. How can you get more? …

Self-help books changed the game for me! While already an avid reader, these 11 books were like reading for the first time. Why? Because I became a totally different person!

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Disclosure: This post may or may not be sponsored or contain an affiliate link. If you click through a link…

A fixed mindset is a limiting belief mindset, but don’t worry! You can develop a growth mindset with these tips!

I think 2020 has left many people reconsidering some of their life choices. I hope you are! Or maybe I hope you’re not?

What I mean by that is, I know that I spent a while living a life that was not meant for me and brought me little happiness…

What happens when you commit to something and see it through.

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Despite popular belief, committing to something and seeing it through does not equate to success. Especially not the success you think you should be seeing, more often than not.

No, many times you see something through, and it’s hindsight that shows you all of the flaws with your original logic…

Manifestation methods that I use and have worked for me to become a happier individual.

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Once upon a time, I was a miserable person. Which is how I actually started my most recent post about sober things to do on St. Patrick’s Day. …

Shea Hulse

I help women master their mindset, build a successful online business w/o sacrificing time w/ their loved ones and live a dream life.

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